Wanderlust: Vancouver Island

I spent my first year of university on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and fell in love with the landscape. The University of Victoria campus was small at the time and it was peaceful to spend breaks doing homework under the trees or watching the ducks at the fountain. My apartment was a block from the Galloping Goose Trail, a great place to walk and relax.

I used to take the ferry to visit family and there were so many magical trips, especially when the fog covered the surrounding islands. It might not have been the same seagull (I like to think it was), but I went to the same spot on deck each trip and gave Fred, as I called him, a bite of bread. I never did get a good photo of the bald eagles, which were frequently sighted on the nearby islands. The following photos were taken with my first SLR, a Canon EOS Elan II.


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